ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.

Join via Google Meet with this link: https://meet.google.com/riw-ebdd-fvo


Join BitDevsLA for a gentle introduction to the git tool and how to use it to make a simple GitHub pull request (PR). No coding experience required.

During this tutorial we will:

  • Walk you through the installation and configuration of git on your computer.
  • Help you setup a GitHub account if you don’t already have one.
  • Create a personal fork of the bitdevsla/bitdevsla.org GitHub repository.
  • Create a local clone of your personal fork of the bitdevsla.org repository.
  • Add a new discussion topic to our next Socratic Seminar blog page.
  • Commit your change to your local git repository.
  • Push your blog page change to GitHub.
  • Create a PR to pull your change into the official bitdevsla.org repository and web page.
  • View and respond to comments on your submitted PR.
  • Setup ssh keys

Before the tutorial:

  • Visit the bitdevsla.org blog and familiarize yourself with the seminar topics for recent meet-ups.
  • Choose a new topic you want to add to the next socratic seminar, or just make something up.
  • Install the git tool on your computer. If you run into problems or have questions don't worry, we'll walk through it together during the tutorial.
  • Create a new GitHub account, or verify you can login to your existing account. We will also help you with this step during the tutorial.

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Tutorial Host

Steve Myers on twitter