4:30 pm Networking
5:00pm Fireside chat with Brekkie
5:30pm Socratic Seminar
6:30pm Food/Drinks at the Village Idiot

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Backroom of the Village Idiot.
7383 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


There's 2 hour parking in the residential area and metered parking along the street.


This month we are excited to host Brekkie von Bitcoin for a fireside chat on the intersection between Bitcoin and Art! Brekkie is a prolific Bitcoin artist, creator, and the Creative Director of Swan Bitcoin. His most recent piece was auctioned and sold during Bitcoin2022 titled "The Awakening" which was a white marble sculpture weighing over 37 lbs.

We'll also follow up the fireside chat with another Socratic Seminar.

Guest Speakers

Brekkie von Bitcoin, also checkout his website

Socratic Seminar


  • CTV debate


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