3:00pm Pizza and beers
3:45pm Speaker
4:15pm Socratic Seminar
5:15pm Wrap-up
5:30pm Food/Drinks at a local bar

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7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Zephyr Theater)


There's 2 hour parking in the residential area and metered parking along the street. You can also buy a drink and park at the CVS across the street.


Join us for our first Bitcoin meetup of 2022 and start your New Years off with a bang! We're going to have free pizza and beer right when the doors open so make sure to get there early in order to network with other local Bitcoiners.

This month we have the pleasure of hosting Andrew Yang, Client Services Manager at Casa, who will be breaking down how to use multisig wallets. Casa is a multisig provider that offers the most secure Bitcoin wallet you can use while being non-custodial at the same time.

The talk will then be followed by a Socratic Seminar and then we will get drinks at a local restaurant after.

Guest Speakers

Andrew Yang - Client Services Manager at Casa

Socratic Seminar



Bitcoin PRs

  • "p2p: Add DISABLETX message for negotiating block-relay-only connections" (core #20726)
  • "p2p: Erlay support signaling" (core #23443)

Lightning PRs ⚡

  • "BOLT 7: Onion message support (features 38/39)" (bolts #759)