3:30pm Networking
3:45pm André Neves
4:15pm Socratic Seminar
5:30pm Wrap-up
6:00pm Food/Drinks at a local bar

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7456 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Zephyr Theater)


There's 2 hour parking in the residential area and metered parking along the street. You can also buy a drink and park at the CVS across the street.


This month we are excited to host André Neves from Zebedee, a Bitcoin Lightning company building out the infrastructure for Lightning games.

The workshop will then be followed by a Socratic Seminar which will be a special treat as André, who also runs BitDevsNYC, will also be helping us moderate.

Please note that we are meeting at a different location this time! It will be at the Zephyr theater and is able to seat up to 70 people.

Guest Speakers

André Neves from Zebedee

Socratic Seminar



Bitcoin PRs

  • "feat: add support for pay to taproot" (bitcoinjs #1742)
  • "[test] add tests to verify support for sending to bech32m address" (bdk #402)
  • "validation: mempool validation and submission for packages ..." (core #22674)

Lightning PRs ⚡

  • "Allow skipping PsbtFinalize step during channel funding ..." (lnd #5363)
  • "Implement channel_type negotiation" (rust-lightning #1078)
  • "kvdb: add postgres" and "kvdb: migrate data ..." (lnd #5366 #5561)