2:30 PM Networking
2:45 PM Speaker Presentation
3:15 PM Socratic Seminar
4:30 PM Wrap-up
5:00 PM Drinks at a local bar

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7551 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


There's 2 hour parking in the residential area and metered parking along the street.


After two amazing turnouts at our last two Bitcoin meetups, join us as we kiss the summer vibes goodbye with a Bitcoin presentation and another Socratic Seminar! This meetup is going to be more focused on Bitcoin content and learning about the nuts and bolts. If you have any questions about Bitcoin, this is the event for you. We'll have real Bitcoin developers talk about deep tech so it'll be a great time for everyone to learn!

Lastly, after the socratic seminar we're going to go out for some drinks so we can continue networking with one another. So stick around for that!

Guest Speakers


BitSwarm uses Bitcoin, Lightning, and BitTorrent to create a decentralized marketplace for anyone to buy or sell hard drive space and bandwidth to share files online. Rather than relying on a centralized and censorable service like Google or Amazon for hosting, BitSwarm is sufficiently decentralized that censorship is not possible. The project is open source, pre-beta, and only working on testnet so far. We are continuing development and hope to have a big update towards the end of the year.

Socratic Seminar



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