1:00 PM Networking (in meeting chat window)
1:15 PM Speaker Presentation
1:45 PM Socratic Seminar
2:45 PM Wrap-up

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ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.
Google Meet Link


Join us for another Socratic Seminar via Google Hangouts! This month we have the honor of hosting Alexis Sellier to discuss Nakamoto: A new Bitcoin light-client written in Rust.

Alexis develops software that enhances individual user freedom. Most of his time is dedicated to Radicle, a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack, and Bitcoin, a decentralized payment network and new kind of money.

He's been writing software for the last 17 years and have worked on almost all areas of the software stack, though his interest lies with distributed systems and peer-to-peer technology.

Guest Speaker

Alexis on github

Socratic Seminar



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