7:00 PM Networking (in meeting chat window)
7:15 PM Speaker Presentation
7:45 PM Socratic Seminar
8:45 PM Wrap-up

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ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.
Google Meet Link


Join us for another Socratic Seminar via Google Hangouts! This month we welcome Daniela Brozzoni who is a talented young Bitcoin developer working at Slush Pool on the Braains OS team. Before joining Slush Pool Daniela was an intern at Blockstream and has also contributed to the Bitcoin Dev Kit project with implementations of branch and bound coin selection and hardware wallet interface (HWI) support. Daniela will be telling us about the Stratum v2 protocol, a next generation protocol for pooled mining.

Guest Speaker

Daniela on github

Socratic Seminar



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