7:00 PM Networking (in meeting chat window)
7:15 PM Speaker Presentation
7:45 PM Socratic Seminar
8:45 PM Wrap-up

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ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.
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Join us for another Socratic Seminar via Google Hangouts! This month we are joined by Satotious who will be speaking on "Funding the web with Lightning Network." They are a Lightning company that provides a new way of monetizing online content by giving users the choice between ads or micropayments. They hope to create a circular economy of online payments running on the Lightning Network which will generate more mainstream and widespread use of Bitcoin whilst ensuring maximum user and creator privacy.

CEO Ruby studied Journalism and Drama and is interested in decentralization and preserving the free web. CTO Christophe studied Computer Science and has experience working in blockchain tech.

Guest Speakers

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Socratic Seminar



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