7:00 Networking (in meeting chat window)
7:15 Alekos Presentation
7:45 Socratic Seminar
8:45 Wrap-up


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ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.

Join via Google Hangouts from your browser with this link:


Join us for another Socratic Seminar via Google Hangouts! This month we have Alekos Filini who is the main developer behind the Magical Bitcoin project and also a contributor to other notable bitcoin projects such as Elements and the LNP/BP standard library. The Magical Bitcoin project aims to build a collection of tools and libraries that are designed to be a solid foundation for Bitcoin wallets, along with a fully working reference implementation wallet.

Guest Speaker

Alekos Filini

Socratic Seminar



Bitcoin PRs

Lightning PRs ⚡

  • Eclair: Updates route pathfinding to include channel balance and Yen algo.
  • Lnd: Dry run migration for testing