7:00 Networking
7:15 Mark 'Murch' Erhardt
7:45 Socratic Seminar
8:45 Clean Up


River Financial - The best place to buy, sell, and use Bitcoin for the long-term investor.

Square Crypto - Supporting open-source Bitcoin development.

Indie Desk - The first coworking space in LA. They offer $275 / per month 24/7 access, month to month, no contract. (on Twitter)


Indie Desk
333 S Grand Ave #3310
Los Angeles, CA


Parking can be difficult in DTLA. If you park in the parking structure at 330 S Hope Street, Indie Desk will give you a $10 parking voucher after 5pm.

Guest Speaker

Join us as we host Mark 'Murch' Erhardt who is a Software Engineer at BitGo. He wrote his Master's Thesis on Coin Selection which has been merged into Bitcoin Core. He is also an avid contributor and moderator of bitcoin stackexchange where people can ask technical Bitcoin questions and the answers are crowdsourced by experts.

Murch on Twitter
Master's Thesis

Socratic Seminar




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