7:00 Networking (in meeting chat window)
7:15 Mark 'Murch' Erhardt
7:45 Socratic Seminar
8:45 Wrap-up


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Square Crypto - Supporting open-source Bitcoin development.

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ONLINE! This meeting will be held via video conference.

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Guest Speaker

Join us as we host Mark 'Murch' Erhardt who is a Software Engineer at BitGo. He wrote his Master's Thesis on Coin Selection which has been merged into Bitcoin Core. He is also an avid contributor and moderator of bitcoin stackexchange where people can ask technical Bitcoin questions and the answers are crowdsourced by experts.

Murch on Twitter
Master's Thesis

Socratic Seminar


  • Steem hijacked through the coordination of various exchanges and Justin Sun.
  • Energy producers are getting into Bitcoin mining, onsite and integrated into operations.
  • Bitmain announces specs of new S19 Pro w/ up to 110 TH/s
  • Markets & Stimulus
    • Monetary
      • Fed cuts federal funds rate by .5%.
      • Fed cuts federal funds rate by 1% to a range of 0% to 0.25%.
      • Fed cuts reserve requirements for thousands of banks to zero.
      • Fed injects $1.5T (and counting) into the repo market, bank use very little of that stimulus
      • President of Boston Fed suggests changing the Federal Reserve Act to allow the Fed to buy a “broader set of assets.” Currently the Fed is prohibited from purchasing equities.
    • Fiscal Stimulus (approved or proposed)
      • 1T+ Bipartisan Deal
      • 54B for airline industry (requested)
    • Markets
      • Banks and other industries halting stock buybacks
      • Stock market suffers worst single day drop since 1987, volatility continues


Bitcoin PRs

  • Erlay: bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol
  • Improve coin selection for destination groups >10

Lightning PRs ⚡